AANES: Turkey is partner in the cowardly attack on Sina’a Prison

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria considered the issue of ISIS, its cells, detainees and families in only its areas are common mistake, saying” the existence of ISIS/ Daesh is still posing a great danger on whole world, asserting that Turkey is directly involved in the scheme of the attack on Sina’a Prison.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, AANES warned that the danger of ISIS will affect everyone and return to create chaos again, stressing the need to hold Turkey accountable and anyone who supported the scheme, which it called "dangerous dimensions and high targets."

In its statement, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) said:

"We have always talked about the dangers posed by the cause of ISIS, its cells, its detainees and its families, especially after its military eradication in al-Bagouz on 23rd March 2019. However, that issue and the repercussions of ISIS remain without the attention of the international community. Some still want this issue to be confined only to our regions, this is a misjudgement at all levels. It is a threat that has been threatened and continues to threaten the entire world. Failure to take clear steps is therefore an essential obstacle to protecting the military gains made by the Syrian Democratic Forces in coordination with the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

What has happened since the twentieth of this month in the largest prisons in the world, which includes extremist ISIS fighters in Geweran prison in al-Hasakah, is a scheme with dangerous dimensions and great objectives, in which Turkey directly participates, according to documented preliminary information; Desiring to strike stability and create destabilization and chaos as it has always been, this scheme whose main objective is to revive ISIS with dirty plans to undermine the gains made by our people, strike the stability of our regions, create chaos and make the threat of ISIS come back again.

At a time when we stress the need for international cooperation in providing the necessary support in order to work to achieve a sustainable defeat for ISIS, in particular to support the Syrian Democratic Forces; We confirm that the plan that was prepared in al-Hasakah prison has been largely thwarted by the resistance forces, which are still struggling heroically in defending the region, Syria and the whole world against terrorism, and that the victory has been settled, but some details are dealt with wisely and with high-accuracy military know-how. The most important of which is the protection of civilians and infrastructure in the region.

We also remember the heroic martyrs who rose in defense of humanity, and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded, stressing that holding Turkey and everyone who supported this plan accountable is the responsibility of the entire world.




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