AANES: Turkish Interior's visit to Syria substantiates intensions of annexing Syrian occupied areas

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria denounced the visit of the Turkish Interior Minister to the Syrian territories and considered it a violation of Syrian sovereignty and clear evidence of Turkey's intention to annex the occupied areas to Turkish lands.

The Administration stressed that there is no solution or stability in Syria without Turkey and its mercenaries getting out of the areas they occupy, and held the United Nations, Russia, the Syrian regime and the international coalition responsibility for what Turkey is doing.

This came through a statement issued by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in response to the visit of the Turkish Interior Minister on the first day of Eid al-Adha to the occupied Afrin and Azaz, and said in its statement:

"In a clear violation of the Syrian sovereignty and in public, the Minister of Interior called Suleiman Soylu in the Erdogan regime visited the occupied city of Afrin and other Syrian areas under Turkish occupation on the day of blessed Eid al-Adha, and made several visits to different institutions renewed by Turkey in Afrin and other areas with the aim of implementing the occupation's policies, changing the identity of Afrin and the rest of the areas, and annexing them to Turkey.

This visit comes in a very dangerous context. After Turkey imposed on these areas to raise its flag and glorify Erdogan in squares, institutions and schools, and after imposing the Turkish currency and appointing Turkish governors over the occupied areas in the same form and organization followed inside Turkey, this visit confirms once again that Turkey is proceeding with its occupational policies, dedicating them to the division in Syria and violating all calls that confirm its violations, along with the Syrian mercenaries in Afrin and the rest of the Syrian areas.

This visit confirms Turkey's pursuit of violating all international laws and norms and violating them. In addition to what Soylu did at the same time, Erdogan reopened Varosha city in the unrecognized Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Half a century ago, the United Nations and the Security Council issued several decisions that considered Varosha to remain closed and empty due to the dispute over its ownership and political and real estate subordination to the State of Cyprus, but Erdogan ignored all these decisions and reopened it with the Turkish presence in it.

We in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, while condemning and rejecting such visits, strongly demand all forces keen on the unity of Syria and the unity of its people to clarify their positions rejecting these Turkish practices and other violations.

The silence about Turkish practices and what happened recently pushes Turkey to more occupation and practices against Syria and its people.

We also affirm that there is no solution or stability in Syria without Turkey and its mercenaries leaving the areas they occupies in Syria, and that the United Nations, Russia and the Syrian regime, as well as the international coalition are directly responsible for what Turkey is doing, and they must express their positions to curb these violations and illegal and immoral practices.



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