AANES: Turkish occupation presence in Syria impedes the solution in Syria  

Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has confirmed that the necessity to end the Turkish occupation of of the Serêkaniyê/ Ras al-Ain and Girê Spî/ Tal-Abyed regions, warning that the continuation of the occupation will reinforce the reality of partition in Syria and pave the way for its Ottoman Empire.

This came during statement was issued, Saturday, by AANES on the second anniversary to occupy Serêkaniyê/ Ras al-Ain and Girê Spî/ Tal-Abyed regions.

The statement" October 9th,  which marks the second anniversary to occupy Serêkaniyê/ Ras al-Ain and Girê Spî/ Tal-Abyed regions, during two years Turkish occupation committed horrible crimes and violations in occupied cities that are considered as war crimes are not related in moral principles, in which the mercenary gangs contributed under direct Turkish supervision to spread chaos, instability and violence of the region through the aggression they launched against Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad, after their barbaric attack on occupied Afrin for the same goals.

The statement added that "atrocities practices in occupied areas are irrefutable evidence of what Turkey doing so of malicious intentions are to hit the stability, and undermine the democratic experience of our people, obstruction the Syrian agreement and consensus, in addition to its deep project aimed at consolidating the Turkish occupation and dividing it in Syria, as is happening." Today, there are practices that confirm the reality of division and occupation, so this aggression and occupation is wrong for some to consider that it is territorial with limited influence, because it is a comprehensive aggression on the whole of Syrian geography. It requires the unification of energies and capabilities in order to liberate it."

What is being done by Turkey and its gangs, today, the occupation of occupied areas that was consolidated by the support of the international forces, UN institutions, Russia and Damascus Government, Turkey is still continuing to destroy by all means the Syrian interest, according to its policy that violates the Syrian will, Turkey did not address the argument of its national security and support for stability in Syria and its support for some forces that call themselves the Syrian opposition, but to hide its hostile practices and subversive intentions in Syria; What requires the vigilance of all the Syrian national forces and the international community for this dangerous scheme against the Syrian people, as well as its project to support terrorism and revived ISIS again, by embracing today thousands of ISIS elements, who fled from Syria and were received by Turkey and organized under the name of the alleged national army.

"On the second anniversary of the Turkish occupation, we affirm, in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, that the Turkish presence and occupation of our regions and all other Syrian areas, its support for terrorists and its embrace of the so-called Syrian opposition forces, are nothing more than a poisoned dagger in the Syrian body, without resolving Turkey's occupation of Syria and its practices with mercenaries, there will never be stability in Syria. "

We note to the world as a whole and to world public opinion that Turkey, through its policies of demographic change and forced displacement of our people from their areas, is establishing a new Ottoman project aimed at striking the stability of Syria and the region and dividing it socially and geographically."

The statement appealed to "the international community, with all its UN institutions, the European Union, the Global Coalition, the Russian Federation and the Damascus Government as well, to realize the dangers of Turkish policy in Syria and to set aside any special interests and agendas with Turkey, at the expense of our country, Syria, its people and its various affiliations."

At the conclusion of the statement, AANES stressed the need to stand by the IDPs from their homes until the liberation of the entire occupied territories. "We assure our people in NE, Syria and, in particular, our people from Ras al-Ain, Tal Abyed and Afrin, who have been forcibly displaced from their homes, that we pledge you to continue to struggle with you and you until your areas are liberated and returned with all dignity, we also recall on this occasion our heroes, the martyrs and the wounded those who with heroism fought heroically against Turkey and its mercenaries by their utter belief in freedom and by preventing any prejudice to the values and gains of our people.





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