​​​​​​​AANES will communicate with all Syrian parties to reap the results of the initiative

Yasser Al-Sulaiman explained that the diplomats of the Autonomous Administration will communicate with all the active parties in the Syrian file to reap the results of the initiative launched by the Autonomous Administration to resolve the Syrian crisis.

On Tuesday, April 18, the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria launched an initiative entitled "Resolving the Syrian Crisis", which included 9 items.

Regarding the timing of the initiative, the deputy co-chairmanship of the General Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Yasser Al-Sulaiman, explained in a statement to ANHA’s agency that the Syrian file has witnessed diplomatic moves recently.

Yasser Al-Sulaiman noted the existence of diplomatic moves between the Damascus government and the Arab countries to resolve the Syrian crisis, and for the success of these moves, he stressed the need to involve the Autonomous Administration in those meetings. He explained, "The Autonomous Administration represents a large part of the Syrians, and it is not permissible and correct to exclude it, so the Autonomous Administration put forward an initiative to solve the crisis."

Yasser Al-Sulaiman stressed that the initiative is tantamount to an invitation to all parties to sit at the dialogue table without exception, and a message addressed to the United Nations and the countries active in the Syrian file and the Arab countries to find a way out of the Syrian crisis from the "bottleneck."

Yasser Al-Sulaiman expected that the initiative would receive a positive response from the actors, and indicated that the Autonomous Administration's diplomats would communicate with all parties to reap the results of this initiative in a way that guarantees the rights of the Syrian people.

Yasser Al-Suleiman confirmed that the initiative is open for discussion with all parties, foremost of which is the Damascus government.

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