​​​​​​​AA's delegation, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs holds meeting via Zoom

To complement the diplomatic relations and meetings between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria- Rojava and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a delegation of AANES met Thursday with the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh, via the Zoom video conferencing, in line with the urgent circumstances of the spread of the Corona pandemic. .

The AANES delegation included the administration advisor, Bedran Çiya Kurd, Chairperson of the Executive Body of the Syria Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, and the representative of AANES in Sweden, Şiyar Ali, and from the Swedish side, the meeting was chaired by Anna Lindh, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, in addition to the official of the Syrian file in Sweden Mr. Pierre Aurinus, and Mr. Linus, Special Secretary of the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The AANES's advisor Çiya Kurd discussed in the meeting the political and economic conditions and the importance of international aid, especially the issue of closed border crossings, except for the assistance that only reaches through the Turkish crossing that exploits the blood of the Kurds and Syrians, as well as the crossings that are controlled by the Syrian government that don't benefit Syrians as well as the need to open the border crossing of Al-Yarubia (Tel Koçber) that was closed due to the Russian and Chinese veto that negatively impacts our people. They are still using the veto despite the international demands to open crossings and extending the delivery of international aid to the Syrians.

In his speech, Çiya Kurd also addressed the ISIS detainees in the prisons of the administration, that pose a danger to the whole world and the need to establish an international court in NE of Syria and the need for the international community to take serious steps in this context.

The Head of the Executive Body of the Syria Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, also addressed the terrorism of the Turkish occupation state and its continued aggression against the regions of northern Syria after it occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê  and Girê Spî , as well as Al-Bab, Jarabulus, Azaz, and areas of Idlib, and its brutal aggressive attacks on the areas of Başûr of Kurdistan, which target isolated and civilian residents of villages In the region, which creates an atmosphere of fear, instability and perpetuation of unrest and wars in the region in general.

Ahmed talked about the Syrian government's stance towards negotiations and lack of commitment to constructive dialogue in order to find effective solutions to the Syrian crisis that lead the Syrians to a democratic Syria, as she pointed out in her speech to the impact of Caesar's Act on the country in general. She noted that although the Americans emphasized that northeast of Syria are not included by the Act, but those sanctions affect all Syrians, including the people in northeast of Syria, too.

The meeting also touched on the progress made in the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, its importance to all Syrian components, and the Syrian solution. The meeting did not lose sight of fears of the spread of Covid-19 virus, as it is widespread in all Syrian cities. For its part, Swedish Minister Anna Lindh confirmed her position on the unjustified attacks of the Turkish occupation state, and promised to discuss it with members of the European Parliament next Monday to find ways to stop such aggressive attacks.

In this regard, she mentioned her conversation with the American ambassador about "the status of their forces in the Syrian north."



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