AA's project is to solve the Syrian crisis

Politicians said: "The Turkish state seeks to hit the autonomous administration project aimed at resolving the Syrian crisis," and they stressed that Turkey aspires to annex Syrian lands to Turkey.

The Turkish state continues its Ottoman policies and plans to expand its influence in Syria, in addition to continuing to commit crimes against the Syrian people, violating all international norms and covenants.

Member of the Bureau of Relations of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC, Fatima al-Hasseno, saw that the Turkish intervention in Syria was to serve its interests and agendas, in order to support the mercenary groups. Its interests. "

AA's project is to solve the crisis

Fatima said" Turkey is afraid from the existence the real democratic project in north and east Syria, where the people in AA's areas adopted AA's project which is to solve the Syrian crisis and elimination the chaos that appeared in the area, which worried Erdogan to spread this project into Turkey areas."

Turkey is seeking to restore the experience of the the Sanjak of Alexandretta

Fatima continued, "The process of the Turkish occupation army in these areas, from a systematic demographic change aimed at displacing the indigenous people, and forcing them to leave and be displaced from their areas and replace others instead of them, with the aim of re-testing the experience of the Sanjak of Alexandretta, and this in itself violates the Charter of the United Nations and International Laws in full. "

As for the administrator in the neighborhood council of the martyr Rubar Qamishlo, Issa Mustafa, he said: “The entry of the Turkish state to the Syrian lands aims to re-establish the new Ottoman Empire at this stage and occupy and plunder the goods of Syria.” Turkey has many ambitions, occupying Afrin, Jarablus, Azaz, Idlib and want to expand its occupation and influence in the Syrian regions. "

Mustafa called on the people of the region to unite in order to "protect Syria from the Turkish occupation."



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