AA's representative in Başûr appeals from government to help refugees in NE, Syria

​​​​​​​The Representative of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria in Başûr (south Kurdistan) appealed to the government to assist refugees from northern and eastern Syria, after losing the sources of their daily livelihood because of the curfew that has been imposed.

The Representation of Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria in Başûr (south Kurdistan issued a statement to the public opinion in which it touched up on the refugee situation in light of the negative conditions and consequences of the spread of the Corona virus.

The statement stated:

"Throughout the world, mankind is facing a dangerous and deadly Covid-19 epidemic, classified by the World Health Organization as a pandemic that kills thousands of people, forcing millions to commit to their homes and not leave for fear of the spread of the epidemic."

The governments of the major countries have great suffering in trying to limit the spread of the virus, and health systems in all countries have encountered great difficulties in controlling this dangerous situation, If the situation continues like this, the consequences of this epidemic and its consequences will be very regrettable for the world in general, and for countries with weak health and social care systems in particular.

Refugees in Başûr face difficult health and living conditions

On the other hand, the negative consequences of the spread of the epidemic appear in many countries by keeping citizens dependent on daily work to earn their livelihood without aid, among them hundreds of thousands of Rojava refugees and the regions of northern and eastern Syria residing in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, while citizens and refugees adhere to instructions Quarantine by not leaving homes, they lose their jobs and their only source of livelihood, and they face difficult health and living conditions without help, and here we have a humanitarian situation that needs to be addressed urgently.

An invitation to Başûr government to fulfill its moral obligation

Accordingly, we at the Autonomous Administration Representative Office of North and East Syria in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq appeal to the humanitarian organizations and all concerned and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to provide humanitarian assistance to the refugees of Rojava and North and East Syria and to carry out their humanitarian and moral duty towards this disaster, hoping that it will end as soon as possible.



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