Abdelkader Ben Saleh appointed interim president of Algeria

Reuters said the Algerian parliament has decided to appoint Abdelkader Ben Saleh as interim president.

The joint session of the two chambers of the Algerian parliament (the National Assembly and the National People's Assembly) began on Tuesday morning to appoint a temporary president.

Article 102 of the Algerian Constitution provides that: "In the event of the resignation or death of the President of the Republic, the Constitutional Council shall meet and confirm the final vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic and shall immediately report the final vacancy permit to the Parliament which meets in person and the President of the Council of Nation shall assume the functions of the Head of State for a maximum period of 90 days , during which a presidential election is organized and the head of state appointed."

President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika, 82, resigned on April 2 and has been suffering from a stroke in 2013 under pressure from mass demonstrations that broke out on February 22 and lasted for six weeks.

The Algerian popular movement insists on rejecting the participation of any symbols of the regime in the transitional period. If it sticks to its position, the political crisis will enter another phase of escalation. This dilemma can only be solved constitutionally. Abdelkader Ben Saleh is part of the regime which the protesters refuse to continue.


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