Abed al-Ahed: Cohesion of components is strongest weapon in face of Turkey's threats

A representative of the Assyrians in the House of Elders of al-Hasakah said that the Unity of North-East components of Syria is the strongest weapon in the face of Turkish threats to occupy the north-east of Syria.

Over the past three weeks, Turkey has stepped up its threat to north-eastern Syria, threatening to occupy the area, in parallel with Turkish military buildup off the northern cantons of Tel Abyad and Kobani.

 In this context, the representative of the Assyrians in House of Elders of the canton of al-Hasakah Abed al-Ahed Abed al-Ahed, said "Serekaniye has been subjected to brutal attacks since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, due to the opening of the Turkish occupation state borders and sending several groups of mercenaries to control and occupation of the region."

He stressed that "the cohesion between the people and components of the region, is the strongest weapon in the face of threats of the Turkish occupation."

He condemned the threats of the Turkish occupation, saying "we as the people of the region strongly denounce all the Ottoman plans."



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