Abed al-Mahdi: We will not allow any state to move in Iraqi territory

The Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abed al-Mahdi said they would not allow any foreign country or force to operate or move in Iraqi territory, stressing that Iraq was working to end all illegal manifestations that affected Iraq's sovereignty.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abed al-Mahdi said in a statement, "In the past period, the country has passed through complex conditions of internal and external wars, the dissolution of the army, the imposition of occupation on Iraq, the presence of foreign forces and foreign interventions, the formation of armed groups or the use of the territory of Iraq for armed actions against targets, countries and forces outside the will of the Iraqi state."

The Iraqi Prime Minister said that the country has suffered from subversive activities and terrorist acts, especially al-Qaeda and Daesh, and their occupation of large areas of Iraqi territories, confronted by the armed forces of all types of the army, police and Popular and Tribal Mobilization Forces, Peshmerga and volunteers and the support of the coalition countries and friendly and neighboring countries.

He stressed the decision to prevent any foreign force to work or move on Iraqi territory without permission, agreement and control from the Iraqi government, and to prevent any country from the Region or outside from the presence on the Iraqi ground and the exercise of its activities against any other party, whether another neighboring country or any foreign presence inside or outside Iraq without an agreement with the Iraqi government.

Adel said, "No Iraqi or non-Iraqi armed forces are allowed to operate outside the framework of the Iraqi armed forces or outside the command and control of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Any armed force operating under the Iraqi armed forces and under the command of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces shall not have movement, Warehouses or industries outside the knowledge, management and control of the Iraqi armed forces and under the supervision of the commander-in-chief."

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abed al-Mahdi, said that they were working that successful implementation may have taken some time. The complications and sensitivities were many, the parties were numerous and the violations were quite a few. He added, "Since we assumed responsibility, we have begun to promote the positive steps of our predecessors to achieve these trends on the one hand, and on the other hand, to overcome the shortcomings, develop new plans to achieve full control of the state to achieve the above mentioned points, perpetuate the battle against terrorism and Daesh, achieve the security of Iraq and its people and independence in addition to ensuring the unity of the country and its full sovereignty in all fields."



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