Abed Hamed al-Mehbash :Terrorism would not prevent us from achieve our project

The co-chair of the executive council Abed Hamed al-Mehbash said on the 3rd  memory of the Qamishlo massacre that the goal of that attack to target the project of the democratic nation confirming that the terrorist attack would not prevent us and the components of the Autonomous Administration from fulfill this project."

In an interview conducted by ANHA with al-Mehbash on the occasion of the third memory of the Qamishlo massacre which took place in al-Gherbi Neighborhood of Qamishlo city by Daesh mercenaries by a booby-trapped truck and resulted in wounding of 170 people and 62 martyrs.

Al-Mehbash said that our people offered more than 11000 martyrs and 24 000 wounded to eliminate the Daesh mercenaries and we are working to establish of project till reach a free democratic Syria.



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