Abo Araj: Turkish points to protect regime, Idlib people must revolt 

Abo Araj called for Idlib people to revolt against the tripartite deal, and he pointed out that the presence of the Turkish points in Idlib aims at protecting the Syrian regime, noting that Idlib has become a headquarter for the "terrorist" gangs, and more than 50 foreign nationalities are existed there.


In the last few days, Idlib has witnessed accelerated developments which were emerged by heavy Russian bombardment for the first time after the Sochi agreement, where the town of al-Tamaneah was bombed with white phosphorus and other areas located west of the international road linking Aleppo with Lattakia and Damascus were struck by more than 50 air strikes according to a source.

After the bombardment, the area witnessed the displacement of the people towards Afrin and its villages, as large numbers of the families arrived to Burj Hadair village southeast of Afrin.

Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the Commander-in-Chief 's Deputy of Jaish al-Thuwar Ahemd Sultan "Abo Araj," and he talked about the accelerated developments taking place in Idlib governorate in north west of Syria.

Abo Araj said earlier that the Turkish points that were placed in Idlib and the countryside of Aleppo, Hama and Lattakia according to Astana agreement "are not observation points because they do not prevent the bombardment of Idlib, but they are points to protect the Syrian regime and prevent gangs belonging to Turkey from launching attacks on the sites of the Syrian regime."

Abo Araj expressed his surprise at the silence of the world about the bombardment of Idlib with white phosphorus. He added, "The bombardment did not limit to the shells and warplanes, but Russia bombed the town of al-Tamaneah with white phosphorus in front of the world and it still remained silent, even the guarantors of the Astana agreement."

Abo Araj said that under the agreement between Russia and Turkey, "Turkey must hand over the international road between Aleppo and Lattakia to the regime and Russia, and open the way for commercial convoys. Recently, a third route has already entered into the agreement, namely the Gaziantep and Aleppo route."

"Turkey has not fulfilled its promises to hand over the roads to the Syrian regime and Russia and is trying vainly to please the Russian side, but there are great differences. Turkey has been given months to implement the agreement, but it has failed," he said.

In talking about the Iranian presence in Syria, Abo Araj pointed to the results of Iran's presence in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, "Iran does not want stability in the region because it wants hegemony to achieve the Shiite crescent through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon, and this will not be achieved under stability."

He estimated that Idlib is a home for more than 3 million people, and referred to the issue of the displacement of the people of Idlib to Afrin and said, "The displacement comes for escaping towards a less dangerous area. When targeting the southern countryside of Idlib by launchers, the people of this region and the displaced from the rest of the Syrian governorates headed towards Idlib northern countryside, but when the bombardment of the Syrian regime targeted west of Idlib, the people were forced to go to Afrin, being currently far from the range of fire of the Syrian regime and Russia."

Abo Araj concluded his speech saying "The people must be aware of what has happened before, referring to the beginning of the ninth year of the war in Syria. He added "The people of Idlib must rise up against the tripartite deal - Turkey, Russia and Iran - to turn the table upside down. It will only be if the people are one hand."



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