Aboul Gheit from Beirut: Lebanese situation is difficult, we are ready to provide support in investigation of explosion

The Secretary-General of the Arab States League Ahmed Aboul Gheit indicated that "the Lebanese situation is difficult and complicated," stressing the Arab League's readiness to provide support in the investigation into the Beirut bombing.

After his meeting with the President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Aoun at Baabda Palace, Aboul Gheit announced that he will participate in the meeting to which France called in support of Lebanon, and said: "I will transmit to the Arab countries and foreign ministers a full report on my viewings and this visit."

He added: "We intend to put forward a new item on the agenda of the Economic and Social Council for continuous and permanent support for Lebanon, and we await what will come to us from the Lebanese government, its needs and ideas."

He continued: "I told the president of the republic that you are strong despite the disaster and you will succeed in facing the situation, and I explained to him our readiness for support and assistance. The Arab response was very fast, and provided Lebanon with its immediate needs. I heard a report from His Excellency President that there is now sufficiency in medical materials."


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