Abu Adel: It is our natural right to maintain security, stability in Manbij

The Commander-in-chief of the Manbij Military Council Mohammed Abu Adel, said that it is their natural right to maintain the security and stability of Manbij city, pointing out that they (as a council) took security and military measures to protect their areas.


Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interview with Abo Adel, talking about joint patrols to be run on the contact line separating between Manbij Military Council and the areas were occupied by Turkish occupation army in north of al-Sajour river in Jarablus city.

Abu Adel said that the coalition forces are practicing military exercises with the Turkish forces to conduct joint patrols.

The Turkish occupation army forces conducted independent patrols in the areas that are occupied in north of al-Sajour River separating of Manbij Military Council forces and Turkish occupation, in conjunction with the coalition forces’ independent patrols in Manbij territory.

But after agreeing on what Turkey called a "roadmap" on Manbij city, it was decided to conduct joint patrols along the border between Manbij and Jarablus that were occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.

The Commander–in-Chief of Manbij Military Council commenting on threats by the Turkish president regarding digging trenches in Manbij city ,saying" We have a natural right to maintain the security and stability of our city by all available means.” Abu Adel assured, "Turkey has built a wall on its border, which is ominous of its bad intentions."

Abo Adel said, "The security and stability in our city is not available in the areas occupied by Turkey in al-Bab, Azaz, and Jarablus. These areas witness on a daily basis looting and bombings, so it is our duty and our natural right to maintain Manbij and its inhabitants."

Manbij city has been liberated since two years from IS in 2016, now it has witnessed a state of security and stability on  several levels but Turkey often threatens the city and practices policies designed to disturb its stability.



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