Abu al-Arraj: Idlib, Hamah developments is deal between Russia, Turkey

Abu al-Arraj said that what is happening on the ground in south Idlib countryside and north Hamah countryside is a secret agreement signed in Astana 13, and the goal of the Regime and Russia is to open the Aleppo-Damascus Route and Aleppo- Latakia Route.

To touch upon the accelerated developments taking place in the Hamah countryside and the Idlib province west of Syria, Hawar Agency conducted an interview with the Deputy in chief of al-Thewar Army, Ahmad al-Sultan Abu Al-Arraj.

Abu Al-Arraj said that the Syrian People and the Southern Idlib Countryside and Northern Hamah Countryside were waiting for the Astana 13 outcomes, although it knows that all the Astana meetings were negative and away from the interest of the Syrian people and we see this on the ground in Hamah and Idlib.

Abu Al-Arraj pointed out that in all the Astana meetings, the parties agreed to implement a ceasefire, but this did not last just for hours.

Abu Al-Arraj said that there is a secret agreement took place in Astana Meeting among the guarantors states and added that we see this agreement today in the ground in Hamah and Idlib countryside, the committees of the oppositions and the Syrian regime also did not know about the details of the agreements, because these agreements took place between the guarantors states not between the opposition and the Syrian regime.

Abu Al-Arraj said the secret agreement between Russia and Turkey was not to hand over all Idlib, because Russia aims to control the aforementioned routes, the deployment of the Regime between Khanshikon and Maret al-Numan is evidence of  this agreement, what we want is to hand over these areas to the Syrian regime and Russia without battles and without killing the civilians.

Abu Al-Arraj said in the same context that what is being circulated that Idlib is in exchange for the areas of North and East of Syria is incorrect, because Russia did not have influence in north and east of Syria to give it to Turkey in exchange for Idlib.

Abu Al-Arraj concluded his speech by saying that the international community is responsible for what is ongoing in Idlib and called on the international community to put an end to the terrorists and the mercenaries in Idlib's holocaust, and Turkey did not support the Syrian Revolution and the people at all.          



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