Abu Al-Arraj :"Turkey lives dilemma in Idlib"

The deputy commander-in-chief of Al-Thewar Army, Ahmed Sultan(Abu Al-Arraj), said that Turkey would be forced to step down from Idlib if it breached its obligations with Russia and Iran under the Astana agreements.

The fronts from the northern countryside of Hama to the southern countryside of Idlib are witnessing battles between the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation on the one hand and the Russian-backed Syrian regime on the other.

The clashes have intensified since the beginning of this month in conjunction with Astana 13.

The deputy commander-in-chief of Al-Thewar army, Ahmed al-Sultan, called Abu Al-Arraj, described the results of Astana 13 as "extremely disgraceful", referring to the massacres of villages, towns and cities in Hama and Idlib, most recently Khan Shiekhon.

Abu Al-Arraj estimated the number of civilians displaced from these areas by more than "half a million people went to the areas of northern Syria, and stressed that the southern countryside of Idlib has become completely empty of the population, after heavy aerial bombardment destroyed their villages and towns.

Abu Al-Arraj pointed out that the statements issued by the so-called guarantor countries (Russia, Iran and Turkey) against each other "an attempt to obscure the esoteric understandings. Everything that is happening in the southern countryside of Idlib and the northern countryside of Hama is agreed in Astana and there is no disagreement between the guarantors of what happened and what will happen in the future.

Abu Al-Arraj believes that the aim of establishing new Turkish "checkpoints" is to pave the way for the continuation of the ferocious attack launched by the Syrian regime and Russia to complete the plan to hand over the Aleppo-Latakia road to the Syrian regime and Russia.

"If Turkey fails to implement the plan according to the time limit, Turkey must step aside," said the deputy commander-in-chief of Al-Thewar Army.

He stressed that the war in Syria will not end until the end of the flow of mercenaries to Syria, "the flow of mercenaries to Syrian territory will not end as long as the border is open for migrants from all sides and into Syria to fight, and must be dried the sources of blood that supplies these foreign mercenaries, and close all land, sea and air crossings to prevent the flow of more foreign mercenaries migrating to Syria to fight there."

Abu Al-Arraj said that the next  Astana14 would be more severe than the conferences that preceded him, and urged the people to realize that what is being woven in the "Astana is against the Syrians all."



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