According to sources … Shia district people live in al-Amshat's hell

​​​​​​​Life in Afrin province differs from one side to another according to each faction of the Turkish occupation mercenaries, and according to sources from within the city, the mercenaries take over the house and impose monthly taxes.

After occupying Afrin canton on the 18th March 2018 by Turkish state, Afrin city's residents, who are residing inside it, were no safe from the occupation violations and crimes against civilians.

And the crimes of the Turkish occupation increased as a result of the control of al-Amshat mercenaries, which is one of the most violating factions, and the closest to the Turkish intelligence on the region, and in particular Shia district.

Al-Amshat and what goes beyond their crimes against civilians

The mercenaries of al-Amshat, or “Sultan Suleiman Shah’s Brigade”, was formed by the mercenary Muhammad al-Jassim Bin Hussein known as “Abu Amsha” on November 19, 2011 in the western countryside of Hama, and the formation of the faction was announced in order to fight the Syrian government.

Most of the fighters of the "Sultan Suleiman Shah" descended from the northern countryside of Hama, and Muhammad al-Jassim is the commander of the faction from the moment it was announced until now. He was born in 1985 in the village of "al-Ghousa" in the northern countryside of Hama, who is Turkmen.

This faction is considered the closest to the Turkish intelligence, so it violates it and continues its crimes against Kurdish citizens in Afrin, and Turkey in turn provides logistical, financial and military support to it.

Al-Amshat mercenaries also send their fighters to Libya on the orders of the Turkish authorities for an amount of $ 3,000 a month.

Turning Shia district into a colony of violations

According to sources from within the district to ANHA agency, it reported that the mercenaries of al-Amshat take possession of all civilian homes in the district, and every citizen must pay a monthly tax of 10 thousand Syrian pounds.

And stressed that mercenaries took control of 17 olive presses in the district, and in the event that the people left their homes, their properties would be seized, confiscated, and houses would be rented to the settlers.



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