Ad-Darbasiya people march in solidarity with MP Leyla Guven

Hundreds of people from ad-Darbasiya have demonstrated in solidarity with parliamentarian Leyla Guven, who entered the 127th day of her hunger strike on Thursday.


Hundreds of residents of ad-Darbasiya district in al-Hasakah canton took to streets on Thursday on a demonstration in support of the Parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP) Leyla Guven and her hunger striker comrades to condemn the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The demonstration started in front of the youth center in the area with the participation of the residents and members of the institutions holding banners reading: "In the spirit of prison resistance, we will foil the plot and we will live free with leader Abdullah Ocalan."

The demonstration marched through the main streets in the area, leading to Azadi Square, amid the chanting slogans denouncing the isolation of Ocalan, and saluting the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades.

After a minute of silence, the demonstrator on behalf of ad-Darbasiya District Council, Abdullah Sheikhka said, "Today we are living in a historic phase, which is Daesh collapse, in light of the victories achieved by Syrian Democratic Forces and the failure of all enemy plans." he said.

Abdullah Sheikhka stressed that as they will continue to support the parliamentarian Leyla Guven until achieving the goals and objectives of all the strikers.

The demonstration ended with slogans calling for the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and saluting the resistance of the hunger strikers.


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