Ad- Derbasiya residents: forming the Constitutional Committee in this way will divide our country

Citizens expressed fears that the mechanism of forming the Constitutional Committee would lead to the division of the country, after the north and east of Syria were absent from the formation of that committee.

The reactions of the components of the north and east of Syria rejecting the mechanism of forming the Constitutional Committee continue without the participation of the Autonomous Administration.

In this context, Ad- Derbasya district's citizens in north and east of Syria said" the Constitutional Committee will fail because it does not include the Autonomous Administration."

Citizen Jihan Mohammed called on the concerned parties that contribute to the drafting of the Syrian Constitution to contribute to the unity of the Syrian territories, and continued that "preventing of Autonomous Administration in participating the Constitutional Committee represents is great negligence against the citizens of northern and eastern Syria."

Ahmed Mahmoud, a Syrian citizen, said: "The Syrian people have the right to write the new Syrian constitution, so there is no need for foreign interference They are always looking for their interests. We are the components of the regions of north and east of Syria, we have provided this land the blood of our children in order to preserve the unity of the Syrian territories and live in security and stability

"Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, we have suffered a lot, and we have the greatest credit for liberating large areas from ISIS mercenaries and armed gangs," Mahmoud concluded.  Therefore, we wish the United Nations to reconsider the Constitutional Committee and take decisions that concern Syria and preserve the territorial integrity of Syria. "

For his part, Mohammed Abdul Khader, regretted the exclusion of representatives of Autonomous Administration from the Constitutional Committee "Here in the north and east of Syria, where a third of the Syrian people live, they have given many martyrs while defending Syrian territory."




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