Ad-Derbasyia citizens rejected of establishing buffer zone under Turkey's supervision

Ad- Derbasyia district's citizens have refused to establish "buffer zone" under the auspices of the Turkish state, they stressed that areas witness security and stability but Turkish state wants to spread strife and instigate.

All the components of the area and the political organizations refuse to establish a "buffer zone" under the auspices of the Turkish state. They believe that Turkey is the threat to the security and stability of the area and aims to establish the "buffer zone" in order to occupy the areas and committing massacres and violations as what is happening now in Afrin, Idlib and Azaz.

In this context, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interviews with a number of Ad- Derbasyia district's citizens belonging to al-Hasakah canton in north Syria, who refused to establish buffer zone under the auspices of the occupation.

The citizen Abdul Wahab Khalaf said, "By proposing a buffer zone project, Turkey aims to occupy other areas."

"The buffer zone, which aims Turkey to establish is considered new style to occupy the area and committing crimes and violations against the people as what is happening in the areas of Idlib, Azaz and Afrin."

In her turn, the citizen Shah Sheikhi said that "Erdogan aims to establish buffer zone, but how he will build a buffer zone and we daily see his actions and violations in Afrin, so we do not accept the establishment of this region under the auspices of Turkey."

The citizen Mohammed Massom said that "The goal of Erdogan is to divide the areas of north and east of Syria, which was founded on the principle peoples' fraternity and the democratic nation."

While the citizen Ibrahim al-Ali, that the "buffer zone" is a new scheme for the return of Daseh mercenaries.



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