​​​​​​​Administrator at Avrin hospital: No registration Covid-19 cases, does not mean pandemic ended  

The administrator and doctor at Avrin Hospital Osman Sheikh Issa confirmed that al-Shahba district has not yet recorded any infection with the Corona virus, calling on the people to abide to the medical instructions, precautionary measures and decisions of the crisis cell to save everyone from this pandemic.

 In a statement to "Hawar new agency", Dr. Othman Sheikh Issa explained that " there is no cases of Covide-19 in al-Shahab canton till now, and this does not mean that the danger of corona or the time period of the Corona pandemic has ended."

Sheikh Issa pointed out that they have conducted tests for a number of people suspected of being infected with the Corona virus, and Sheikh Issa confirmed that the tests have proven that there are no persons infected with the Corona virus yet.

And he pointed out the curfew decision has been accepted by al-Shahba residents, calling the residents to more abide and take care of personal and public hygiene and avoid shaking hands and approaching people who show symptoms of the disease.

And Dr. Sheikh Issa said that the coming days will be crucial days and it will determine the presence or non-spread of the disease within the next 15 days.

Sheikh Issa appealed to the people not to believe the rumors that affect the psyche of people as if the pandemic had spread. On the contrary, we must adhere to the medical instructions taken by the crisis cell formed by the Autonomous Administration institutions and not pay attention to the rumors.

 Sheikh Issa confirmed that the siege imposed on al-Shahba canton by the Turkish occupation army and the Syrian government impedes the arrival of aid to al-Shahba canton.

And Sheikh Issa continued that despite the United Nations calls for a cease-fire in Syria, the Turkish occupation army is taking advantage of the opportunity and bombing populated villages in light of the international silence and the world's preoccupation with the Corona virus.

Sheikh Issa appealed to the international organizations and W.H.O and called on them to shoulder their responsibilities reviewing the conditions of the displaced and providing medical supplies in light of the siege imposed on the canton from all sides.






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