Adnan Afrin: Battle of decisiveness is ongoing, SDF inflicted heavy losses to IS

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Adnan Afrin said that, over the past days, IS' mercenaries have received harsh blows and heavy losses in al-Baguz village at SDF's hands, stressing that the battle of decisiveness would not stop till liberating al-Baguz in full from IS.


Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces Adnan Afrin on the latest developments in al-Baguz campaign, he said, "The battle of decisiveness to eliminate IS' mercenaries is continuing with all its strength amid strong clashes between SDF's fighters and IS' mercenaries."

Adnan stressed that SDF managed to eliminate a large number of IS' mercenaries and detonate a number of weapons and ammunition stores in the village, pointing out that the forces are progressing to encircle IS' mercenaries.

The commander added that large numbers of IS' elements among them women have surrendered themselves to the forces since the start of the second phase of the campaign, and the surrounding process continues daily and all of them are of foreign nationalities.

Adana Afrin pointed out that IS had intensively planted mines in the small area which is under its domination in trying to obstacle SDF's progress, and added, "The battle continues with all its strength and our forces insist on liberating the last pocket of IS' mercenaries with minimal losses."

The commander ended his speech saying, "The Special Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces entered the area to comb it of mines and bobby-trapped vehicles, and the campaign will not stop until the liberation of a-Baguz village from IS' mercenaries in full."



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