Aerial bombardment exhausts Turkey's gangs in Syria

The Syrian regime's warplanes and supported by Russian fighter jets had launched war of attrition against the mercenary gangs that are supported in the so-called De-escalation zone of north-west Syria

On Monday morning, The Arab press touched upon to the situation on the ground in Syria, and Erdogan's exploitation to the Syrian refugee file as to put pressure on Akram EmamOglu

Al-Arab: Syrian and Russian forces exhaust the Idlib factions by air before the battle of decisiveness

On the Syrian issue, al-Arab newspaper reported on the situation of Idlib and said: "Syrian forces, with the support of their Russian ally, are fighting a war of attrition against the jihadist and fighting gangs in Idlib in the northwest of the country through the air force, after failing to penetrate the defense wall of these groups and causing heavy losses in May.

Since the end of April, Idlib and its adjacent areas in the governorates of Aleppo, Hama and Lattakia have witnessed an escalation in Syrian and Russian bombing. According to the observatory, the air raids and artillery shelling on Sunday targeted several areas in Idlib and Hama, that resulted in the killing nine civilians.

The gangs in Idlib are betting on Turkey's support, but observers say it could no longer to steadfastness under the air force's dominance of the Syrian regime and its ally Russia, and the lack of genuine international support. Observers point out that moving the southern front through surprise offensive operations may be aimed at relieving pressure on Idlib, but that remains insufficient."

Al-Bayan: Syrian refugees for al-Bayan: a fierce deportation campaign Turkey

"The Turkish authorities' campaign against Syrian refugees has angered millions of refugees displaced by the war, and they have found heaven secure in Turkey since the beginning of the events. The campaign has not focused on Syrians who are not subject to the Temporary Protection Law and even hundreds of Syrians have been deported to conflict zones in the north without taking into account their legal or humanitarian status in some cases.

The repercussions of the Turkish campaign on Syrian refugees affected the coalition, and many Syrian activists and refugees criticized the coalition, which stood by watching the Turkish authorities pursue the Syrians everywhere, until their workplaces and sometimes their homes, according to many Syrians who spoke to them al-Bayan newspaper.

And considered that the coalition is unable to influence the decisions of the Turkish government, or at least transfer the suffering of more than 3.5 million Syrians at the very least to the Turkish authorities, considering that it works in accordance with its interests and not the interests of Syrian refugees.

Al-Arab: Erdogan exploits the file of the refugees in Istanbul to instigate on Akram ImamOglu

On the Turkish issue, Al-Arab newspaper reported that the AKP government in Turkey is seeking to suggest that the tougher measures against refugees are linked to the victory of Akram EmamOglu under the leadership of Istanbul Municipality.

The focus is on the city of Istanbul in all the talk about foreigners, while the Syrian refugees are deployed in all the Turkish cities, in an attempt to put pressure on the mayor and to suggest that he is behind this decision, while the decision is shared between the mayor and the Minister of the Interior.

Turkish political sources said that raising the issue of Syrian refugees is an attempt by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to tarnish ImamOglu's reputation by linking the entire issue in Istanbul.

The sources questioned the meaning of raising the issue today, while the refugee crisis has been going on for years, stressing that the political motives behind the raised, after the candidate of the People's Party, the Republican Akram ImamOglu, the presidency of the Istanbul Municipality.



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