Afghanistan.. some areas liberated from Taliban; 100+ killed and wounded

On Wednesday, Afghan security forces liberated many parts of Helmand province from the Taliban, and the liberation process resulted in the killing and wounding of more than 100 Taliban militants.

On Wednesday, the Afghan Ministry of Defense announced the liberation of many parts of Helmand, in the south of the country, from the Taliban.

The security forces are launching an ongoing operation in Helmand province against the Taliban, according to what was reported by the Afghan TV channel "Taloo News" today.

In a statement, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said that the operation targeted the areas of "Nad Ali" and "Nawa", in addition to the city of Lashkargāh, in the center of the province, to regain control of areas that fell to the Taliban movement two weeks ago.

The statement added that the operations left more than 100 Taliban militants killed and wounded, without mentioning any losses on the side of the security personnel.

The Ministry of Defense noted that the Taliban launched attacks and other "violent activities" in 22 provinces, at least, over the past 24 hours.

Referring to Taliban violence, Afghan Chargé d'Affairs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Masoud Andarabi, said the group had lost the opportunity the Afghan people offered it to establish peace.

In this concern, last Friday, at least 20 soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on an army base in the south of the country.

The operations that the Taliban conducts do affect the level of optimism for achieving peace in Afghanistan, which Nader Naderi expressed, an Afghan government negotiator, saying that "the level of violence makes the task of negotiation very difficult."


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