Afghanistan…34 dead after Taliban's attack hits downtown

The National Newspaper reported that an explosion targeted logistics military gathering in Afghanistan occurred before the militants stormed the building and resulted in killing 34 people and wounding 68 other.

At least 34 people were killed and 68 wounded, including national football players and children, when a powerful explosion tore through central Kabul, sending smoke billowing into the sky.

Some 50 students were injured in the blast, the Education Ministry said. Pictures from the scene show young children still clutching their books and pens as they're taken to hospital.

Security sources say the blast was caused by a minibus packed with explosives, detonating early on Monday in the Puli Mahmood Khan area, which houses military and government buildings, as the streets were packed with morning commuters.

The attack targeted an Afghan army logistics base and militants stormed the building after the bomb detonated. The country's football federation and a private school were also hit by the blast.

The explosion also damaged the office of the Afghan Football Federation, injuring several players, the federation said. Some players were injured by glass and taken to hospitals, it said.

The blast occurred at 8:55am local time, Mustafa Kazemi, the Director of Police Organizational Communications at the Interior Ministry said on Twitter.

The attack comes as the Taliban and the United States hold "make-or-break" talks in Qatar, where the militant group maintains a political office.



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