African talks on Turkish negative interventions

The Libyan Army Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal Khalifa Hiftar, discussed, on Monday, with South African President Cyril Ramafuza, Turkey's negative interference in the Libyan internal affairs, by phone.

Hiftar and Cyril Ramafuza, the current president of the African Union, reviewed during the call, Turkey's sending of thousands of mercenaries and terrorists from northern Syria to western Libya, which threatens the region and fuels extremism and terrorism.

The talks also dealt with the role of the African Union in sponsoring the political process and affirming the support of the Libyan dialogue away from the parties that support terrorism to ensure the establishment of peace and security rules in Libya and the African continent.

The President of South Africa contacted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the latest developments regarding the Libyan file.

The two Presidents exchanged views on how to activate the political settlement negotiations within the framework of the Berlin track and the Cairo Declaration initiative in an effort to undermine the dangers of terrorism, armed militias and external interference that threatens regional security and stability.

Despite the Libyan army’s commitment to its international obligations and the ceasefire resolution that resulted from the Cairo Declaration, militias loyal to Turkey and Syrian mercenaries are still massing their forces to attack the Libyan army’s concentrations east of Misrata, west of Sirte.



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