Afrin- 33 citizens and 35 families abducted in a week

33 citizens and 35 families were abducted by the Turkish occupation forces and affiliated mercenary groups in Afrin villages and districts just in a week.

All these campaigns were launched under fake grounds merely for ransom. A number of names were documented by ANHA. In Janderes Azad Fadel Arebo, Ali Bekr Elo, Ibrahim Khaled Elo and Delil from the village of Chelme, Shukri Ahmed Kindi from Hamam and abdul Qader Andula Nasr from the village of Kefer Dele.

In Mobata, Abdin Umer and Kawa Abdin Umar were abducted by the Turkish intelligence services.

In Bilbile, seven citizens were abducted by the Turkish intelligence services identity of Mohamed Haj Husain, Azad Horik Hebel, Salah Reshid Horo and Salah Resho Khitar were known. While Rami Umar Qara was abducted by the Amshat mercenary group in Raco. 

In Sherawa, Hamid Hisein Mustafa and Marwan Sheikho Ali were abducted.

In Shera Sultan Murad Division abducted 15 citizens from the village of Qer Qulaq of whom: Mohamed Berkat, 60, Ibish Berkat, 20, Luqman Hamada, 20, Ahmed Adnan Mustafa, 26, Adnan Mustafa,55, Adnan Berkat, Abdin Ali Shabab, Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed, Luqman Sheikh Ahmed and Eghid Ahmed Shabab.

While fate of 35 families remain unaccounted for as another man was abducted by Turkish occupation intelligence services and was transferred to the school of Kimar that was turned into a military base.

This comes amid encouragement calls made by the Kurdish National Council to Afrin IDPs top return home after fake promises were made not to expose to returnees.



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