Afrin ACC aims to obliterate region heritage

Administrator in the Intellectuals Union in the Jazira Canton- Hasaka Office, Azher Ahmed, said that setting up a Turkish cultural center in Afrin comes in the framework of bids to obliterate the culture of the region, calling on all peoples of the region to protests against these endeavors that aim to change the demography of the region and obliterate it civilization.

Since Afrin was occupied in March 2018 by the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups, heinous crimes and atrocities are being taking place in addition to abductions, murder, torture, and taking possession of peoples' properties and to  relentless bids to obliterate the identity of the people of the region via the looting operations and bulldozing it's archaeological hills and sites, and very latest is the demographic change that is being taking place via bestowing new names on the villages and setting up new schools with the aim of Turkification. 

On January 30th, 2021, an Anatolian Cultural Center was set up by the Turkish Occupation State, in the city of Afrin, in a new bid to obliterate the culture of the region and to establish the Ottoman culture.

This is being seen by observers as a grave danger to the future of Afrin, and a continuation to the Turkification policy undertaken in the region as a whole.

In this relation, administrator in the Intellectuals Union in the Jazira Canton-Hasaka Office, Azher Ahmed, believes that this corroborates the ''malicious intentions of the Turkish Colonialism in the region, and an attempt to keep the areas occupied and annex them into it's map''. 

Ahmed clarified that the main aim is to put into action a demographic change and to possess the region and include it into Turkey and to change the culture of the region exchanging it with the Turkish one, '' to affect the coming generations and to prepare a new one to emulate the Turkish Occupation and the Ottoman Empire to strip man of his actual reality, as setting up new schools in Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi all aim to Turkify the region and to inoculate the Turkish culture into the region''. 

Ahmed noted that the Turkish Occupation State sends a message to the Syrian Government and the world at large that via the Anatolian Cultural Centers in the occupied areas that these are going to remain Turkish and that this matter is unremitting.

At the end Ahmed called on all the people in the region, most notably the Kurds and the patriotic parties, to organize demonstrations and protesting sit-ins against the Turkish bids of the demographic change and the obliteration of the culture of the region.



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