Afrin, Al-Shahba Youth demands removing isolation on Ocalan, reinforcing unity

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement (SRYM) in Afrin and Al-Shahba cantons demanded an end to the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and called for the unification of the Kurdish political movement.

At the invitation of the SRYM, dozens of young men and women went out for a night march in Fafin district in Al-Shahba district.

The participants carried the torches, and held banners in the Kurdish and Arabic language with "Through the youth energy, we will end fascism and release the leader" written on, and they also raised the flags of the SRYM.

The demonstration roamed the main street in the center of Fafin district until it reached the Martyr Jaddar School, where the participants gathered, and then the administrator in the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, Farida Na’san, read a statement :

"The Kurdistan Freedom Movement plays an important role at this phase, which is the first movement that seeks to liberate the Middle East on the basis of free and democratic thought, it increases its struggle and seeks to achieve freedom as soon as possible."

The statement stressed the need to achieve unity of the Kurdish ranks, and called on parties to overcome their struggles. The statement also condemned the continued isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan. She pledged to follow Ocalan's path and escalate the struggle until the goals of the revolution are achieved.

The demonstration ended with slogans denouncing the occupation and saluting the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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