Afrin canton's people arrested by Turkey, its gangs demanding ransom for release

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries arrest Afrin canton's people on false pretexts. After the arrest, the occupation forces and mercenaries are demanding a ransom for the release of every citizen.


According to a source, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries carried out a large-scale arrest campaign against Afrin people under the pretext that they were members of Autonomous Administration institutions or deal with them and accused them of trumped-up charges for ransom in return for their release.

In this context, a source from the city of Afrin said that the mercenaries two days ago beat the citizen "A,A" and asked him for his car and a sum of money, while the citizen refused, but the mercenaries gave the citizen two days to pay the amount and the car.

Another source noted that 6 Yezidis from Qibar village are still being arrested in mercenary prisons. The mercenaries demand a ransom of 5,000 $ citizen for each. "Fadi Aref, Ibrahim Aref, Ali Aref, Abdel Rahman Aref, Samir Aref, Hanan Aref."

It is noteworthy that the mercenaries kidnapped two citizens whose name is "Elham Mohammed" and "Nabil Mohammed "from Qatma village and were released after paying a ransom of $ 2500.

On 20 January last year, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched fierce attacks using all types of weapons. Hundreds of civilians were martyred, not to mention the wounded, massacres and the collapse of the infrastructure of the canton and Afrin people were forced out of their homes went to al-Shahba canton and Sherawa district.



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