Afrin displaced denounce February 15 plot

Displaced people of Afrin district in Berxwedan camp in al-Shahba district protested against the international conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan in its twenty-first anniversary.

Hundreds of displaced persons from Afrin residing in Berxwedan camp came out today in a demonstration denouncing the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and they affirmed the continuation of the struggle for freedom.

The demonstrators carried pictures of leader Abdullah Ocalan and banners reading: "The project of the democratic nation will be completed only with the freedom of leader Apo, the international conspiracy against leader Apo is a conspiracy against the will of the people, democracy and peace", wearing jackets marked with Ocalan's pictures, which read "No life without the leader."

The demonstration roamed the camp and the demonstrators chanted slogans condemning the plot and saluting the resistance of leader Ocalan.

During the demonstration, the administrator of the Culture and Art Movement in Berxwedan camp Farhad Alloush delivered a speech in which he emphasized the continuation of the struggle: "The struggle of Leader Apo during the past years motivated the people of all spectra to adhere to his philosophy more, and follow in his footsteps."

Farhad indicated that the conspiracy targeted the will of the people who perceived in the philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan freedom by saying: “The struggle of the leader Ocalan made the capitalist states rush to undertake a conspiracy against him, but they did not achieve their goals, because the people sensed freedom and saw in his philosophy salvation, and therefore our struggle will continue for the freedom of our leader. "

For her part, the Kongra Star administrator in Berxwedan camp, Leila Ibish, recalled the martyrs who set fire to their bodies and said: "They emphasized that the conspiracy will not achieve its goal. Dozens of believers in the leader's philosophy have set fire to their bodies in response to the conspiracy, stressing that the conspiracy will not achieve its goals."

The demonstration ended with chanting slogans that confirm the continuation of the resistance and the struggle for the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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