Afrin IDPs: We call on international rights organizations to expel occupier out from Afrin

Today, dozens of displaced people of Afrin went out in a demonstration, during which they silently denounced all international and human rights organizations against the continuing violations of their rights, demanding to hold their conscience accountable and expel the occupier from their city, which they described by saying: "Afrin is peace ... Afrin is the love ... Afrin is the Olive Tree city."

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries launched their attacks on the city on January 20, 2018, displacing its people, plundering their property and antiquities.

With the commemoration of the attacks on Afrin, the pain of displacement from their city, they went out today in a demonstration on Deir Jamal- Ziyarah road in the occupied Afrin canton, in which they denounced those barbaric attacks on their city.

As the Co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Committee of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Jihan Muhammad, who visited al-Shahba canton, said: “We participate with our people in this painful day, when the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries started attacks on Afrin. "

Jihan continued: “Our resistance will not stop, because the people of Afrin cling to their land and consider olives a part of their lives. They will not allow Erdogan and his proxies to revive the Ottoman Empire.”

Fatima Hassan denounced the brutal attacks on Afrin, saying: “Those attacks that targeted the people of Afrin with 72 aircraft, and we have been resisting for three years to liberate Afrin.

Fatima denounced: “The silence of international and human rights organizations, and asked to hold their conscience accountable for the crimes against Afrin. " 

As for Ibrahim Ali, he said: “Today marks the anniversary of the Turkish occupation’s attacks on Afrin. We, the youth, rose up in the streets to denounce those attacks. We want to liberate our land.”

Citizen Amina Hamo said: "Despite our displacement and crimes against us amid shameful international silence, we will return to our homes in Afrin, because this plot is being hatched against us is international, and not only by the fascist Erdogan."

Tawfiq Abdo, he said: “We demonstrated today because January 20 is a black day, memorized in the history of Kurdistan, on this day the Turkish fascist state and its mercenaries attacked Afrin, and the Afrin resisted 58 days in the face of those brutal attacks, and today we stand in front of that occupation by going out in this demonstration, despite all the pain we are ready to do the impossible for Afrin. "



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