Afrin is turning into ISIS' hidden capital

The admissions of a mercenary of ISIS who was detained by the Military Intelligence of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), asserted that the occupied Afrin region is witnessing intensified movements by ISIS's leaders who have close relations with the Turkish occupation state.

The mercenary Beshaar Kheder known as Abu Ali Beksi, revealed that some of ISIS mercenaries' leaders are in Afrin on of them is the mercenary Ahamad Nazir al-Khelf from the villages of Tal Temer in al-Jazeera Region northeastern Syria.

The mercenary Abu Ali al-Beksi was leading the most dangerous cell in the ranks of ISIS in al-Jazeera Region, where it used by Turkey as a station for planning in the occupies Afrin and as transition station to the areas of north and east of Syria to launch the attacks. 

The mercenary Abu Ali al-Beksi is arrested by the Military Intelligence of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF).

Al-Beksi mentioned that he had met the mercenary Ahmed Nazir in the city of Afrin while he was moving from Turkey to Afrin.

He also had met the mercenary Khalil Khalef known as Abi Islam al-Boz from Tal Fedda village of Tal Tamer city in al-Jazeera region northeastern Syria.

The mercenary Ahmad Nazir al-IKhelef is known as Abi Shihab al-Din in the ranks of ISIS and was leading a brigade called "Tebook Brigade".  

The mission of that brigade was the raiding during the attacks, according to al-Beksi, the brigade participated in all the attacks launched by the mercenaries on the areas of north and east of Syria, most of its elements are from the areas of north and east of Syria especially the areas of Tal Temr, al-Hasakah, and al-Shadadi.  

Al-Beksi asserted the are close relations between the security members of ISIS and Turkish intelligence.

The mercenary Abu Muaz is arrested by the Military intelligence of SDF, he also revealed the presence of ISIS leaders and the so-called Sharia Committee in Idlib city.  

Idlib is the starting point for the attacks of ISIS mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria

The mercenaries Abd al-Razzaq Hamad al-Salamah, known as Abu Muaz, pointed out that most of the leaders of ISIS mercenaries fled to the Euphrates Shield mercenaries and areas under the control of the Turkish mercenaries (Jarablus, al-Bab, Idlib) after their collapse in Deir ez-Zor.

 The mercenary said that the Islamic State has taken from the areas under Turkish occupation as a starting point for attacks on areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The territories occupied by Turkey constitute a fertile environment for the revival of ISIS, and mercenary groups such as Ahrar al-Sherqiya help ISIS mercenaries to move to northern and eastern Syria to carry out their attacks. Ahrar al-Sherqiya mercenaries issue false ID cards for their mercenaries that facilitate their movement.



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