Afrin Kurdish female lawyer abducted by MIT

Sources from Afrin reported a Kurdish female lawyer was abducted by the Turkish Intelligence Services, MIT.

According to information obtained by ANHA's, Turkish Intelligence Services, the MIT, and the so-called Civil Police mercenaries abducted on 23 October Najah Umar 'Arus from the Raco village of Kuira in occupied Afrin Canton.

The source noted that Najah was pushed by false allegations made by the Kurdish National Council, the ENKS, to IDPs to return home on which she returned from Aleppo nearly a month ago to be abducted on the grounds of her former affiliation with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria associations in Afrin prior to occupation.

On this the toll of all female abductees in Afrin since October 1st rises to 14 of whom minors, while Ni'met Bahcat Sheikho -with child-  were killed after she was abducted in the company of her husband, according to the Human Rights Organization-Afrin-Syria.



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