Afrin Liberation Forces carried out 2 operations in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces carried out two operations in Afrin, which resulted in the elimination of a Turkish soldier and a number of mercenaries, in addition to injuring others.


Afrin Liberation Forces issued on Friday a statement to the public opinion, stating that their fighters carried out two operations which led to the elimination of a Turkish soldier and a number of mercenaries.

The statement said,

"Under the motto "The Elimination of the Occupation in Our Areas," we in Afrin Liberation Forces announce carrying out new military operations in the region which will end the occupation and liberate our people in the context of our legitimate war.

On this basis, we declare to our people and the public opinion our first operations in Afrin which are as follows,

On December 18, one of our units detonated an explosive device at one of the military points of the concentration of the Turkish occupation soldiers in the area between Shera district and Gobaleh village, where a Turkish soldier was killed and six others got wounded.

On the same date, another unit of our units detonated another explosive device in one of the military vehicles carrying the mercenaries of Ferqet al-Hamza in the area between Basuta village and Afrin city's center, where there were a number of killed left among mercenaries, and we could not know their number.



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