Afrin Liberation Forces revealed outcome of Saturday clashes

The Afrin Liberation Forces revealed the outcome of the clashes that took place between them and the Turkish occupation and mercenaries on Saturday in al-Shahba canton, and confirmed the killing of 40 mercenaries and injuring of 30 others.

On Saturday, the Afrin Liberation Forces released a statement to public opinion, revealing the outcome of the clashes that took place on Saturday in the axes of many villages in al-Shahba canton.

The statement said:

"The outcome of the clashes that took place between of the Afrin Liberation Forces and of the so-called al-Jaish al-Wantani (the National Army) on the axes of the villages of Maranaz, Shewargah and al-Malkiya is as follows:

On the axis of Maranaz, eight elements were killed and 12 members of al-Failaq al-Thaleth (3rd Crops) of Liwa al-Shamal and 5 elements of al-Jabha al-Shamiyya were wounded after targeting their positions in Meryamin village.

On the axis of al-Malkiya, a soldier of the Turkish occupation, 5 elements of al-Failaq al-Thaleth, 8 elements of Liwa al-Mutasm bellah, and 3 elements of al-Jaish al-Sharqiyya, the gang of Abo Khawla Kabres were killed.

On the axis of Meryamin, four Turkish elements were killed, including two officers and three others were wounded by an ambush of the Kurdish forces.

After these clashes and heavy losses in the ranks of the National Army, they withdrew from the axis of the attack and retreated to the back lines, as well as the withdrawal of a section to the village of Kafar Jannah, a section to Azaz, a section to Meryamin and a large section withdrew to the village of Kimar where a large gathering of the Turkish army and Firqet al-Hamzah is located.

The outcome of the clashes has reached 40 dead and 30 wounded so far, some of them have been known:

Feyyad Hadidi Subhi of al-Jabha al-Shamiyya is injured.

Kenan al-Abed bin Ibrahim from al-Foj al-Khames (5th Regiment) is injured.

Ibrahim Abdel Aziz from al-Jabha al-Shamiyya is injured.

Mohammed Najjar is injured.

Gamal Ayyob Ahmed from al-Jabha al-Shamiyya is injured.

Ahmed Kamal Mobark is killed.

Fadi Abo Zeid bin Mahmoud is killed.

Ahemd Jamil Haranshi is killed.

Abdel Jabar al-Issa Juneid is injured.

Ali Ramez Sabbat is injured.

Hussein Eid al-Ali is injured.

Seif al-Ali is injured.

Saleh Moussa is injured.

Fadi al-Helo is injured.

Kamal Mobark is killed.

Ibrahim Sweid is injured.

Adnan Hamido is injured."



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