Afrin notables: Forum came to preserve unity of Syrians

Notables and sheikhs of Afrin clans said that the forum organized by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) for the Syrian clans came to preserve the unity of the Syrians and protect them, pointing out that the necessity to liberate Afrin and remove the occupation of it was one of the most important topics of discussion, while they stressed that the outcomes of the forum were fruitful. 

Under the slogan "Syrian Clans Protect Society and Maintain Social Contract," about 5,000 people from Syrian clans and components met in Ain Issa on May 3 in a tribal forum organized by SDC.

The notables and sheikhs of Afrin clans had joined the forum. During their talk to Hawar news agency (ANHA), they noted that the meeting held in this period came in order to serve the Syrian people's interest.

The notable of Sheikhan clan in Afrin canton Hajji Mohammed Maskeli said, "The meeting of all components of Syria with each other is evidence of the democratic nation's thought which is spread among them."

He added that all the words stressed the necessity to liberate Afrin and return it to the Syrian land, "The words delivered at the forum stressed the necessity to liberate Afrin from the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army, and it is a must to escalate the struggle against the occupiers to liberate all Syrian territories."

For his part, Ali Rashid, one of the notables of the area of Afrin, said, "Thousands of Syrians will meet on one platform and participate in issuing one resolution, which is the beginning to resolve the Syrian crisis. This forum indicates that the Syrians do not accept any intervention of foreign countries."

And the notable of Amka clan in Afrin canton Rashid Suleiman has pointed out that they reached important results for the Syrian people, "At the forum, we reached the decision that the fate of all the Syrian people is one and all enemies' goal is one, which is the division of our lands, so we stressed during the forum that we do not want division, and our blood merged with each other, and on this basis, we will remain united and stand before all the forces that want to create strife among us."



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