Afrin people confirm that Newroz this year will be Newroz freedom

The people of Afrin who are staying in al-Shahab canton wish to make Newroz this year the victory and freedom and liberation of Afrin canton from of the Turkish occupation.


Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interviews with the people of Afrin noted that the targeting of the Turkish occupation and its gangs to the statue of Kawa al-Hadad was a sign that they were trying to return the period of slavery and injustice, but by their resistance they had failed their goals.

In this context, the citizen Amin Mohammed that they will liberate Afrin as the land of their ancestors," Turkish occupation and its gangs attacked us as result, we went to al-Shahba canton, we will remain here, despite the fact that there are many difficulties, but for Afrin we will bear everything and return to it.

"when occupiers entered Afrin, they began their violations against the people We hope that this year to be Newroz full in win victory and freedom and get rid of the occupation, and this will happen the more steadfast we are."

On March 21, Newroz holiday, celebrated by the Kurdish people every year, which is considered New Year and a national holiday.

The citizen Abdul Hamid said " Whatever the occupiers tried try to target them, they will not achieve their goals thanks to their strength," He added, "Today we continue our work and our activities in al-Shahba, which is considered of continuation the resistance, whatever how many attempts of the enemy to end our history and our civilization will fail because we are whenever we are subjected to injustice and denial we will increase our resistance and struggle.



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