Afrin people confirm the resistance against Turkish occupation

Afrin canton's people have confirmed that they are still resisting bravely in al-Shahba camps whatever the difficulties are, alluding they will fight the Turkish occupation till the last breath for liberating Afrin city from Turkish occupation and its gangs.


After the aggression of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Afrin canton's villages and committing massacres against the civilians, thousands of the people were forced to displace to al-Shahba canton and their resistance" Resistance of the Age" would continue against of the Turkish occupation and its gangs there. 

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the citizen Aisha Sido said that" when we left Afrin canton we organized ourselves in al-Shahba canton to complete our resistance against of the Turkish occupation, which thought we will stop our resistance if leave Afrin city, but today we have strong will and insistence till liberating Afrin from the occupiers.

The citizen Amina Omar said that" Turkish occupation used all the kinds of the sophisticated weapons in its attacks in order to displace its people. 

Citizen Mohammed Haji Khalil said that" 72 of Turkish occupation 's warplanes bombed the small area of Afrin canton, causing massive destruction and forcing its people to displacement to al-Shahba.



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