Afrin people: Daesh mercenaries must be held accountable where committed crimes

The people of Afrin canton resisting in al-Shahba said that the people of north and east of Syria offered thousands of martyrs to achieve victory over Daesh mercenaries, and bring peace in the world so Daesh prisoners and detainees must be held accountable in an international court in the north and east of Syria.

After the Syrian Democratic Forces declared victory over Daesh militarily in the last stronghold al-Bagouz and captured the families of thousands of mercenaries of various nationalities, the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the north and east of Syria called the international community to establish an international court in the region to end the file of Daesh mercenaries SDF held as prisoners and detainees, after the refusal of many countries to receive their citizens who joined Daesh.

On this subject, our agency ANHA met with the people of the Afrin canton of resisting in Serdem camp in al-Shahba.

Aisha Qabalan said, "We call on the international community to agree to the formation of an international court in northern and eastern Syria to hold mercenaries accountable, because Daesh committed the most heinous massacres against our people in all the territories occupied."

Nihad Mohammed said: "The practices and actions of Daesh mercenaries against the Syrian people are considered massacres and genocide, and the families continue to suffer the consequences of these violations, especially the families of the martyrs and the kidnapped whose fate is still unknown regardless of the rape, torture, and violations against persons physically or psychologically that may accompany them throughout life. "

"Therefore, the international community must participate and support the request of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, which is the demand of all the peoples of the region to prosecute and hold mercenaries accountable in a court in northern and eastern Syria to receive their fair punishment for their crimes," he added.

Sherin Khalo another citizen pointed out that more than five years ago, Daesh mercenaries have committed crimes of brutality and immoral practices against innocent civilians, "By virtue of SDF victories in the battle to defeat terrorism, they managed to eliminate Daesh militarily and end a black era.

Sheren concluded her speech by saying: "The people of northern and eastern Syria have offered thousands of martyrs in order to achieve the great victory over Daesh mercenaries and requires the international community to repay the children of the region and the families of the martyrs with the accountability of mercenaries in international courts held in the region that suffered from Daesh oppression so that safety and security will return to Syria and the world. "


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