Afrin people made of intellectual training part of their resistance

The methods of resistance of the people of Afrin have varied within the second phase of the Resistance of the Age since they moved to the areas of al-Shahba. They suffered the cold, the hot weather and the lack of medicines, but they are still in an organized state, and they receive their intellectual training, which they consider a kind of resistance in the face of the occupation and its policies.


The attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries began on Afrin on the 20th of January last year, targeting all aspects of life of the people, and they sought to destroy the democratic system and the participatory life that Afrin people established for themselves.

Afrin canton was a model of democratic and communitarian life and equality among all the components of society. This made it a refuge for thousands of displaced people fleeing the battles and wars that took place throughout Syria.

But the Turkish occupation did not accept this and launched its attack with the most sophisticated land and air and even the forbidden weapons, and targeted the people and historical and archaeological sites in the canton.

This aggression received a strict resistance and lasted for 58 days which recorded the greatest heroic epics by the residents of Afrin.

But due to the intensity of the attacks and committing the massacres against the civilians by the occupation and its mercenaries, the civilians were forced to get out of Afrin and move to the areas of al-Shahba where the people start the second phase of Resistance of the Age within the camps and houses which were destroyed and suffered the cold and the hot weather in addition to limited potentials and medicines.

The people transferred their lives which they built in Afrin with them to al-Shahba, where they established their communes in the camps and villages and took the principle of the resistance is life as an approach for them to continue their resistance.

The intellectual training, the preservation of the democratic mentality and the demand for a free life are what the occupation was trying to destroy.

The residents of Serdem camp; women and men receive intellectual training in which they learn about the principles of struggle, resistance and the concept of freedom for all peoples, in addition to receiving lessons on women's history, life in the normal society and the Special War's methods.

Suzan Rashid, one of the camp's trainees said that the aim of the Turkish occupation is to break the will of the people, but they have not been able to do so because of the resistance of the people against their policies and aggression.

Suzan added that after moving to the camps and the villages of al-Shahba, they continued to resist the occupation within the second phase of the Resistance of the Age, and reorganized themselves within the communes.

For his part, the resident Ali Musa who is also living in the camp of Serdem said, "All the world must know that our will would not be broken by warplanes, tanks and fascist acts because we live on the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan who fights tyranny and power."



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