Afrin people renewed covenant of return to Afrin

After a year of resistance to the people of Afrin in al-Shahba, the parents renewed their promise to return to Afrin.


On 18 March last year, the people of Afrin and its villages forcibly withdrew from the city towards the areas of al-Shahba after being occupied by the Turkish army and its mercenaries who launched their attacks with all heavy and internationally prohibited weapons.

The decision to return to Afrin is still one of the priorities of the people living in al-Shahba and its surroundings, stressing that their eyes always will be on the way to return to Afrin.

The camera of our agency ANHA toured in Serdem camp, located in the village of Tel Susin in al-Shahba and surveyed the views of the people there.

The citizen Leyla Mustafa from Janders district said, "despite all the difficulties that confront us in the camp, we will resist until the last point of blood in our bodies and we are prepared to bear everything in order to return to Afrin."

She added, " We continue to resist until the liberation of Afrin from the abomination of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation."

The citizen Mohammed said, "after 58 days of resistance, we were forced to leave Afrin. Today we continue our resistance until Afrin is liberated from the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation."

The citizen Zaki Khello said, "Erdogan cannot achieve his dreams in Afrin and we will liberate Afrin soon and expel the mercenaries."

As for the citizen Masoud Khello he said, "Our resistance continues in al-Shahba in all its forms until we return to Afrin. "

The citizen Mohammed Khalil Hamo said, "our steadfastness continues until the liberation of Afrin and we will not leave it. The people of Afrin are a resistance people, who resisted the brutality of Erdogan for 58 days."



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