Afrin people: Syrian regime must take decisive attitude against Turkish threats

Afrin canton's people have rejected the international plans and divisions that are taking place at the expense of the Syrian territories, demanding the Syrian regime to express a clear position and respond to the violations and threats of the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory.

Once again, the Turkish occupation army is threatening the safe areas in the north and east of Syria, including Tal Rifat in al-Shahba. In this regard, our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) met with a number of Afrin canton's people who live in al-Shahba, and they expressed their rejection of the Turkish occupation and violations on Syrian soil, demanding the Syrian regime to show decisive and serious attitude towards that.

The citizen Shadia Najjar of the people of Afrin said: "We decry the threats of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the safe areas in al-Shahba canton, because it is considered a safe shelter for Afrin's families, who were forcibly exited from their homes towards al-Shahba after the attacks and massacres committed by the Turkish occupation."

Shadia wondered: "Where is the Syrian regime's attitude towards these threats, and why is it ignoring the plans and attempts to divide Syria and occupy the territories?"

For his part, the citizen Zakaria Mostafa confirmed that al-Shahba people do not accept any Turkish interference and occupation of their areas: "We reject the international silence and the silence of the Syrian regime towards the Turkish occupation and presence in Afrin, and its threats to the safe areas in al-Shahba, and we ask them to take a firm stance on that."



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