Afrin people to Russia, Syrian regime: We do not want aid, we want Afrin liberated

Afrin canton 's people who settled in al- Shahba canton have rejected the aids provided by Russia forces two days ago to satisfy them, demanding to expel of the Turkish occupation army and its gangs from Afrin and return the residents to their home.

The Syrian regime and Russia impose an intensive blockade on the people of Afrin in al-Shahba people, and prevent the entry of food to the canton, in addition to imposing exorbitant amounts in the event of entry.

The residents of Afrin rejected Russian food aid damaged and expired that they wanted to distribute in al-Shahba villages' districts, demanding Russia to free Afrin from the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries instead of distributing aid.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with number of the displaced Afrin residents, the mother Fatima Abdullah has confirmed that that the Syrian regime and Russian forces are imposing an intensive siege on the displaced Afrin residents from their homes, and prohibit the entry of food and medicines only after paying large sums of money to their checkpoints.

Mother Fatima noted that they, like the people of Afrin, refused food aid provided by Russia to the people of Afrin, because Russia is the cause of the occupation of Afrin, which allowed Turkey to displace the people, and stressed that the aid it wanted to distribute was damaged and expired, Fatima Abdullah pointed out that the Syrian regime with these violations and the siege imposed by it indicates that he does not consider the people of Afrin part of the Syrian people.

For his part, the citizen Sheikh Hanan Luqman: "Russia provides food aid to satisfy the people after the crime committed against Afrin after reciprocal deals with the Turkish occupation handed Afrin, Luqman confirmed that they had rejected these assistances and called on international organizations to expel the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Afrin.

The citizen Mohammed Fayyad stressed that the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA with its lack potential help the people of Afrin and stand by them.

Fayyad pointed out that the people of Afrin rely on themselves to meet their daily needs in terms of agricultural and service to continue their resistance until the liberation of Afrin from the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries, and return to their homes.



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