Afrin people warn of repeating Afrin scenario in South Kurdistan

A number of Afrin residents warned against repeating the Afrin scenario in Başûr Kurdistan and appealed to the Kurdish people to unite their ranks to confront the Turkish occupation's policies.

The Turkish occupation, having occupied Afrin and other areas of Syria and its repeated threats against northern and eastern Syria, has been launching violent attacks and air raids against the populated areas in South Kurdistan for weeks.

The people of Afrin who tasted the bitterness of the Turkish occupation and were witnesses to the brutality and violations of the Turkish army and its mercenaries, warned of repeating the Afrin scenario in southern Kurdistan, and called on the Kurdish parties to unite their ranks to face these risks.

The citizen Walid Sheikho from Shia district had remembered to people's minds the practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin since its occupation, in addition to the repeated violations in the rest of the Syrian territories occupied by Turkey.

In her turn, the citizen Zakho Jan Hussein said, "Turkey is trying to repeat its practices against the people of northern Syria, to the south of Kurdistan because it is an occupied country and wants to expand its territory through the occupation."

Zakho Jan appealed to the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan to unite and be one hand against the Turkish occupation.

The citizen Abdo Anwar denounced the Turkish occupation's attacks on South Kurdistan, stressing that the Turkish occupation sought to displace the Kurdish people and occupy its land.

Anwar stressed that the unity of the Kurdish people was capable of defeating all attacks against the Kurdistan territories. 



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