Afrin refugees in Tel Qerah denounced Turkish practices

Afrin people in Tel Qerah village denounced the Turkish army's practices, and they called on the international community to provide aid and assistance to the Afrin residents to return to their homes and land.


Dozens of Afrin people who are residing in Tel Qerah village in Ahras district in the areas of al-Shahba gathered in front of the village’s school to denounce the practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin.

During the people’s gathering, the statement that was issued by the people was read by the member of the Democratic Society Education Committee Alia Abdu in Kurdish, and the member of the council of Tel Qerah village Mohammed Bako in Arabic.

The statement condemned the practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenary gangs against Afrin and its people. It also referred to a number of these practices, "They killed and displaced children, women and the elderly and stole the properties of the civilians, and they continue to spoil on the land with ruin and destruction as even Afrin’s monuments have not survived from their hands, applying the ideas of IS organization calling for terrorism and tyranny as they are working to bring about a demographic change in Afrin canton targeting the Kurdish people through the resettlement of IS families who were displaced from al-Ghouta and other areas.

The people ended the statement by saying, "We condemn and strongly denounce the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state and the practices of IS mercenaries against our people. We therefore demand the international community to assist us in returning to our homes and land in Afrin canton under the freedom banner.”



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