Afrin students condemn Turkish attacks on Ain Issa

Hundreds of male and female students from Afrin region took part in a demonstration from Bazaar Square in the center of Tel Rifaat district, condemning the Turkish attacks on Ain Issa and denouncing the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party against the Kurdish people and the Popular Defense Forces.

The Democratic Students Movement for Afrin region, in coordination with the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement for Afrin region, organized a demonstration, during which hundreds of students from Afrin region gathered in Bazar Square, in the center of Tel Rifaat district in al-Shahba canton, raising flags of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and banners with "It is time for freedom, down with betrayal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and long live the resistance of the People's Defense Forces written on.

They set off from the square, chanting slogans saluting the resistance of Heftanin and the hunger strikers in the prisons of the Turkish authorities, and roamed the neighborhoods of Tel Rifaat.

When the demonstrators arrived at the main roundabout in the district, they stood for a minute of silence, then the member of the Democratic Students Movement for Afrin region, Reem Dada, read a statement in the Kurdish language.

The statement denounced in the strongest terms the international silence about the aggression by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the town of Ain Issa, stressing that these attacks will not reach their goal by occupying other areas of Rojava.

The statement also denounced the policy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party against the aspirations of the Kurdish people by helping the Turkish occupier to launch attacks on the Peoples Defense Forces in the mountains of Kurdistan.

In its conclusion, the statement called on all youth to struggle and resist in the face of the Turkish occupation, and to preserve the gains of the Rojava Revolution which were achieved with the blood of the martyrs.

Then the demonstration ended with chanting slogans that rejected treason and saluted resistance and struggle.

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