Afrin: Turkey’s mercenaries kidnap 45 Kurdish men

The mercenary gangs affiliated to the Turkish occupation have kidnapped today 45 men in the city of Afrin bringing charges against them as dealing with People Protection Units.


A source from the city of Afrin, preferring anonymity, told Hawar news agency that the Turkish state and its gangs are continuing their violations against remaining people in their houses, as the gangs have kidnapped 45 men from the center of Afrin city bringing charges against them; dealing with the People Protection Units (YPG)


A source from the city of Afrin which preferred anonymity told our agency that the Turkish occupation and its gangs are continuing their violations against Afrin residents who stayed at their houses where 45 men have been kidnapped in the center of Afrin and were taken to unknown destinations.


The source noted that the kidnapped men have no relation at all to the YPG, but the mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation aim by these violations and charges to intimidate the people and annihilate the Kurdish people, and humiliate those who refused to abandon their home and land.


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