Afrin University students continuing their studies at Rojava's University

Rojava 's University has allocated seats for many students at the University of Afrin, in the same colleges where they were studying. For students who do not have their own colleges at Rojava 's University the administration of University suggests that they continue their studies at available colleges instead of wasting their studying .


After occupying Afrin canton by Turkish occupation and its gangs large numbers of families were forced to leave their homes while some families remained in Afrin. The Turkish occupation of Afrin caused thousands of students from schools, institutes and universities to be denied of their studies.

Afrin 's University is one of the universities that denied its students from completing their studies for the current academic year. The University of Afrin was founded as the first university in Rojava in 2015. The University has 4 faculties and 6 departments of medicine, literature, media, agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering and economics. In these colleges and departments, there were approximately 850 students.

Completion  education in al-Shahba and Qamishlo

After the Turkish occupation state closed Afrin 's the University, students were unable to complete the school year. In order to help the students of Afrin canton to complete their education, Rojava 's  University in Qamishlo city decided to open the doors of its colleges to the students of Afrin, and since April this year opened the registration for students wishing to complete their education. And a committee at the University of Rojava . Many of Afrin's students initiated a review of the University of Rojava to complete their education at the branches where they were studying.

Rojava 's University was founded in 2016 and includes six faculties: Agriculture, Kurdish Literature, Petroleum and Pharmacology (Ramaylan ), Fine Arts, Geniology and Educational Sciences. It has 720 students.

15 students from Afrin studying in university 's Rojava 

Rojava 's University has allocated seats for students in Afrin canton according to the colleges in which they studying , in addition to securing accommodation. Afrin students, who were studying at colleges at Rojava 's University, began to complete their studies, while the rest of the students, who were studying in non-existent colleges at Rojava 's University, were forced into al-Shahba areas , 15 students of Afrin at Rojava 's University are currently studying, including 13 students at the Kurdish Literature College and two students at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering.

A member of the administrator  of the College of Kurdish Literature at Rojava 's University  Marwa Elias expressed regret that there were not all the colleges where Afrin students were studying at Rojava 's University Elias said that their possibilities currently do not allow the opening of new colleges, but they will seek to add new colleges in the future

Marwa Elias suggested that students at the University of Afrin be able to continue their studies at the available colleges. "For students who were studying at non-university colleges at Rojava 's University, they could review the university and seek to study in other colleges instead of adding the opportunity to study in fully ."



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