Afrin will foil policies of demographic change as failed in Şirnax

A parliamentarian of the Democratic People's Party in Şirnax city in Bakur "north Kurdistan " Faisal Sari Yildiz said that Şirnax people have foiled policies of smelting and demographic change under the tents pointing out that Afrin people are foiling the same policy now in the same way and said, "The people of Afrin must unite and stand together."


Faisal Sari Yildiz was one of the witnesses to the massacres and attacks of genocide of the Turkish occupation army against the cities of" north Kurdistan" in 2015. Sari Yaldiz, who was exposing the policy of the Justice and Development Party during meetings and lectures in European countries, the parliamentary status was pulled out of him after the decision of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Hawar news agency(ANHA) interviewed with Sari Yildiz about the Turkish occupation army againts "northKurdistan" and Rojava.

Sari Yildiz who spoke at the beginning his speech the attack which was launched since two years against north Kurdistan aimed at the destruction, displacement and demographic change" Even if we say that it was Erdogan who ordered the attacks, all the parts of the country took part in the attack saying that the plan was to displace 15,000 people and the arrest of 15 thousand people these attacks targeted 10 cities spread by the spirit of patriotism. "

As for the goals of the Turkish state, Sari Yildiz said: "The goal was national smelting in these cities and the displacement of their people to Başûr "South Kurdistan " and the resettlement of Syrian people with a thought in them. The great goal was to keep people away from their culture. The Turkish state has targeted Şirnax city in particular."

Sari Yildiz noted these attacks caused much destruction to Kurdish civilians’ houses 's and killing thousands of children saying "But the people of north Kurdistan knew about the plans of the Turkish state in 1990. So they set up tents next to their homes and in the surrounding villages and lived in the tents and resisted, as do the people of Afrin now in this way, he has failed the policy of demographic change."

The attacks on Afrin are a continuation of the policy of demographic change" Afrin is a city where the Kurds have lived for thousands of years and have a high national spirit Policies implemented in "north Kurdistan" are now repeated in Afrin, the Turkish state thought that the people of Afrin would be displaced towards Turkey and handed over the same people, but Afrin people headed towards al-Shahba canton and living in tents."

Sari Yildiz appealed to Afrin people to stand up together not to break up and join hands "This chaos will continue in Syria, Syria is divided, so they are going to take over many places Sari Yildiz told residents of Afrin "and they want to empty a city like Afrin with a high national spirit and settle people with their ideas. Do not stop, then Erdogan’s fate will be like Mussolini, Hitler and Saddam "




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